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"Our experience with AJR was outstanding on each of the matters we retained them on, not only for the efficiency and insight provided by the focus group process, but also for the help with our jury questionnaires and jury selection profile and process. We would not hesitate to recommend AJR for these functions, and would also note that AJR's basic insights into the case, itself, and how to best present it, have proven invaluable and quite helpful in presenting the case. Thanks!"
Dennis Wilenchik, Esq., Wilenchik and Bartness, Phoenix, Arizona

"We used Advanced Jury Research to mock try a large commercial case we were defending in Arizona. Jan Spaeth and her team did an outstanding job in connection with all aspects of the mock trial and preparing a very thorough report. She was professional, reasonable, effective and an absolute pleasure to work with, and we look forward to using her again."
Mark T. Davenport, Esq., Figari & Davenport, L.L.P., Dallas, Texas

See our Clients & Feedback section for more comments.


AJR regularly works on high profile cases that receive extensive media coverage. Please contact AJR for specific cases and referrals. Some have been released as movies. Among numerous sites, our cases have been featured on the following:

High profile cases


DVD Set, 4.25 CLE Credits Strategic Witness Preparation

Strategic Witness Preparation

The American Bar Association has published Dr. Jan Spaeth's DVD set on Strategic Witness Preparation. This set offers 4.25 CLE credits for attorneys, and includes interviews with top consultants across the country.

See ABA Product Page >>


AJR Witness Preparation Videos:
for Depositions & Trials

Witness Preparation for Deposition and Trial

Dr. Spaeth and the ABA have released a 2019 edition HD video on witness preparation to show clients and lay witnesses in preparation for their testimony. This covers the "3 Steps and 10 C's of credible testimony, with witness examples in actual settings."

See ABA Product Page >>

"Dr. Spaeth and the Advanced Jury Research staff proved to be an invaluable asset to our trial team during a high-profile murder trial of a police officer in Los Angeles, CA... In the face of intense political and racial issues, Dr. Spaeth's expertise led us to select a fair and impartial jury..."
Michael L. Rains, Esq., Rains Lucia Stern, PC, Pleasant Hill, California


AJR’s trial / jury consultants provide proven strategies and innovative solutions to assist with even the most challenging cases. We specialize in focus groups and mock trials, witness preparation, jury selection and case strategy.  We also provide solid “reality checks.”  For the past 30+ years, our extensive knowledge, expertise and cutting-edge research have led to successful results for trial teams.

Our services meet the needs and budgets of our clients for depositions, settlements, plea bargains, or trials. Advanced Jury Research works statewide and nationally with a wide range of clients in both civil and criminal matters, including law firms, corporations, educational institutions, health care organizations, and government agencies.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve successful results!

Jack or Jackie? The Relationship of Gender and Expert Witness Testimony, Arizona Attorney

From the Mouths of Jurors: 10 Things Jurors Don't Like About Expert Witnesses, Arizona Attorney

When is Facial Hair OK on Clients and Witnesses?, Arizona Attorney
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The Angry Witness, The Writ (Pima County Bar Association)

Social media's clout worries legal system, Michael Kiefer, Arizona Republic, (interview with Rosalind Greene) - Download PDF

Cases Warranting Jury Questionnaires, Attorney At Law

Uncover Juror Bias With 5 Accessibility Factors, Attorney At Law

Say What You Mean: Drafting Comprehensible Jury Instructions,
Arizona Attorney

10 Tips for Credible Witness Testimony, Your ABA

The Vanishing Jury Trial Phenomenon, Arizona Attorney

Are Tweeters Or Googlers in Your Jury Box?, Arizona Attorney

The Rambling Witness, Attorney At Law

Will Fact-Finders Believe Your Clients And Witnesses?, Attorney At Law

The 3 Steps and 10 C's of Credible Testimony

As Voir Dire Becomes Voir Google, Where Are The Ethical Lines Drawn? John G. Browning, The Jury Expert (response by Rosalind Greene, J.D.)

"Another monumental contributor to our cause was Jan Spaeth of Advanced Jury Research, Inc., who helped us in pre-trial research as well as guiding us with jury selection. Jan and her company could not have been more responsive to our needs or helpful to our outcome, and we would recommend her services to any attorney on any case. The ability to identify potential problem jurors is a prerequisite to success, and one will not find anyone more accomplished at that than Jan Spaeth."
PORAC Law Enforcement News - Feature Article
William Hadden, Esq., Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine, Santa Monica, CA

"Jan, I compliment you and your team for providing excellent insight and services regarding our focus group. Count me in as a very strong advocate of your team. Thank you for all of your efforts and professionalism."
Tim White, Executive V.P. & General Counsel, Meritage Homes Corporation

CLE Presentations

Rosalind Greene, J.D., presented a 1 hour CLE on Gender Issues in Legal Communication to the Tucson Defense Bar
in Arizona.

Dr. Spaeth presented a 1.5 hour CLE session entitled Prepping The Difficult Witness, for the American Society of Trial Consultants' annual convention in Seattle. Rosalind Greene presented a 1.5 CLE seminar at this conference entitled‚ Experienced Consultants Debate Hot Button Issues.

Dr. Spaeth presented a 2.5 hour CLE on Preparing the Lay Witness for Testimony‚ for the Pima County Bar Association in Arizona.

Dr. Spaeth presented a 1 hour CLE on Voir Dire and Jury Questionnaires‚ for the Tucson Defense Bar in Arizona.

Dr. Jan Spaeth and Rosalind Greene, J.D., presented a 3 hour CLE seminar in Minneapolis titled‚ Critical Steps of Witness Preparation. Included was material from Dr. Spaeth's DVD set titled Strategic Witness Preparation, released by the American Bar Association.

Rosalind Greene, J.D., also co-presented a 2.5 hour seminar‚ Mediation Skills Workshop, at the American Society of Trial Consultants' convention. This program emphasized techniques that enhance counsel‚ bargaining position in mediations and other methods of ADR, including the use of case strategy, witness preparation and focus group research.

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