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"We used Advanced Jury Research to mock try a large commercial case we were defending in Arizona. Jan Spaeth and her team did an outstanding job in connection with all aspects of the mock trial and preparing a very thorough report. She was professional, reasonable, effective and an absolute pleasure to work with, and we look forward to using her again when the need arises."
Mark T. Davenport. Esq. - FIGARI & DAVENPORT, L.L.P., Dallas, Texas 75202

"Our experience with AJR was outstanding on each of the matters we retained them on, not only for the efficiency and insight provided by the focus group process, but also for the help with our jury questionnaires and jury selection profile and process. We would not hesitate to recommend AJR for these functions, and would also note that AJR's basic insights into the case, itself, and how to best present it, have proven invaluable and quite helpful in presenting the case. Thanks!"
Dennis Wilenchik, Esq., Wilenchik and Bartness, Phoenix, AZ

"I have worked with AJR on several occasions, in both Tucson and Phoenix, in conducting mock trials before jury panels created by AJR. These cases included complex commercial transactions and employment disputes. Jan's dedication to providing for the needs of her clients and her attention to detail were first rate. In each case, we obtained results from the mock trial that greatly assisted us in evaluating our strengths and weaknesses."
Philip R. Higdon, Esq. - Perkins, Coie, Brown & Bain, Phoenix, AZ

"Jan, I compliment you and your team for providing excellent insight and services regarding our focus group. Count me in as a very strong advocate of your team. Thank you for all of your efforts and professionalism."
Tim White, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Meritage Homes Corporation, Phoenix, AZ

"Over the last five years or so, I have worked with Jan on numerous occasions for witness preparation, voir dire and focus groups.  Jan is a delight to work with.  She is responsive and professional.  She is intelligent and insightful.  Her work is thorough and practical.  She makes witnesses feel comfortable and brings out the best in them.  Her ability to spot problem jurors is invaluable. To top it all off, Jan is cheerful and optimistic.  I always look forward to working with her."
Peter Akmajian, Esq. - Chandler & Udall, L.L.P, Tucson, AZ.

"Dr. Spaeth is real value added to a trial team.   She has an ability to get to the heart of the issues that a jury will care about.   She also has a talent for preparing witnesses in a manner most lawyers would not consider.   If you are thinking about a jury consultant, I would highly recommend Dr. Spaeth."
Timothy J. Thomason, Esq. - Mariscal, Weeks, McIntyre & Friedlander, P.A.,
Phoenix, AZ

"The practice session we held was so helpful in both focusing my mind on what needed to be done, and helping me to feel calm about the task ahead. I knew the tools I needed to use, and how and when to use them. I especially want to thank Roz [Rosalind]. Her presence through the trial was simply invaluable. Her help with jury selection made what could have been a nerve-racking process into a much more rational and objective one. I know that having that particular jury was important in my prevailing in this trial. Roz really helped us get there. I would add to that critical help, the observations, both legal and personal, she provided to me and especially Mike through those long four days. Mike told me that knowing Roz kept track of the jury’s reactions and the plaintiff’s allowed him to be completely focused on the testimony and legal arguments."
Lee Rayburn (Client of Michael D. Miller, Esq., Tucson, AZ)

"I have worked with and taken advantage of the professional services Jan provides, including mock trials, focus groups, jury research and jury selection, on many occasions since the early 1990s, with excellent results.   Jan's extensive information and research also has provided us with valuable insight during the discovery phase of case preparation, by assisting us in narrowing the issues in complex cases, and increasing our efficiency in deposition and subsequent motion practice.  She offers clients a first-class experience, along with first-class information gathering technology."
Ronald J. Stolkin, Esq. - Fenemore Craig, Phoenix, AZ

"I have found Jan Spaeth and Arizona Jury Research to be an extremely valuable tool, both in preparing for trial and in facilitating settlement. We avoided several surprises, and were able to deal with them effectively and confidently. Jan is easy to work with, wants you to succeed, and works hard to provide all the support possible. I would not try a major case without her assistance."
John F. Munger, Esq. Partner, Munger Chadwick, P.L.C., Tucson, AZ

"Jan has conducted focus groups for us and has assisted in jury selection in many cases. Her insights are always instructive and relevant. Jan has an uncanny ability to select appropriate jurors and avoid dangers. It is not uncommon for her to tell us beforehand who the jury foreman will be. Obviously this advantage allows us to tailor our presentation to the person who will direct deliberations. Our experience with Jan is overwhelmingly positive and always enjoyable."
Barry M. Davis, Esq. - Piccarreta & Davis, Tucson, AZ

 "I have worked with Jan Mills-Spaeth at AJR on several high exposure cases and have been very pleased with the input we received from her jury research.   Using her research model, we were able to identify key issues for trial, including the potential weaknesses and strengths of both sides as well as obtain valuable feedback on the optimal jury profile for our case. The information gained from this research helped our clients to develop a clear understanding of their exposure at trial, giving them the confidence necessary to settle the case and eliminate the risk that the research had quantified for us. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the services of AJR to any of my colleagues."
Michael B. Smith, Esq. - Slutes, Sakrison & Hill, P.C., Tucson, AZ

"I strongly recommend Jan Mills Spaeth and AJR for case strategy sessions, focus panels and difficult witness preparation for trial.  She has assisted me in all these areas in several cases over the years.  She is smart, experienced and will save you time, headaches and money.  No matter what your case involves, you will find Jan helpful and an invaluable asset."
Cynthia Choate, Esq. - La>w Offices of Bruce G. MacDonald, Tucson, AZ
(Formerly with the Office of the Arizona Attorney General, Civil Division)

"Jan, you have done great work for us and our clients in the past, and we look forward to working with you in the future.  It is very eye-opening to observe your "mock" jurors decide a case, and their discussions are very helpful in deciding upon future courses of action.  Thanks again."
Peter Collins, Esq. 0 Gust Rosenfeld, P.L.C., Tucson, AZ

"One of the most profound experiences of my professional career as a lawyer was to read a jury-polling document prepared by Jan Spaeth, Ph.D. for our legal team....We have had Jan help us with jury focus groups, witness preparation, and void dire. I find her to be extremely professional, fair in her pricing, enthusiastic in her work, respectful of her clients, knowledgeable about the law, and intuitive regarding many aspects of the human side of litigation. I think she sees both the big and the detailed picture, and lends a needed perspective to the process. We represent a very large physician group constantly engaged in litigation....Within that framework, we are dedicated to using every tool at our disposal to give our physicians the best defense possible. I am convinced that Jan Spaeth, Ph.D. and her products are essential to this goal, and would recommend her firm without hesitation."
Robin Perin, General Counsel - University Physicians, Inc., Tucson, AZ

 "I have found Jan Mills Spaeth to be very reliable, trust-worthy, prompt, cost-efficient, insightful and absolutely invaluable."
Negatu Molla, Esq. - Partner, Bowman & Brooke, Phoenix, AZ


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