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"Dr. Spaeth and the Advanced Jury Research staff proved to be an invaluable asset to our trial team during a high-profile murder trial of a police officer in Los Angeles, CA. She was flexible, cost efficient, professional and dedicated during the preparation for trial and during jury selection itself. She spotted issues which the jurors needed to be questioned on during for dire, and was vital to us in discussing answers to questions given by prospective jurors during the voir dire process. In the face of intense political and racial issues, Dr. Spaeth’s expertise led us to select a fair and impartial jury and to avoid some potential landmine jurors who were very eager to get on the jury. Dr. Spaeth’s ability to familiarize herself with the Los Angeles jury pool allowed us to properly assess the type of juror that best fit our case. It was truly a pleasure working with Dr. Spaeth, and I wouldn't think twice about utilizing Dr. Spaeth’s services again."
Michael L. Rains, Esq. - Rains Lucia Stern, PC, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

“I've had the honor of working with Jan Spaeth when she started, some 35 years ago. Between the mid seventies and the mid nineties I was the defense attorney in a good many high profile cases in both Phoenix, Tucson, and Southeastern Arizona. I used Jan's services in 90% of the cases I tried. She helped me with jury selection, and provided me with the use of focus groups in helping me get a clearer picture of my case issues. I found her assistance to be invaluable in assisting me in getting winning verdicts, not in every case, but certainly in many. I joined the Public Defender's office in 2005 and subsequently became the Pima County Public Defender. Jan generously provided much needed training assistance to our office, helping our lawyers to improve their voir dire and jury selection skills. Jan and her company are highly regarded by the civil and criminal trial bar in Tucson, both for the services they provide, and for their contribution to the advancement of the administration of civil and criminal justice.”
Robert J. Hirsh, Office of Court Appointed Counsel Director, Tucson, AZ

"Having worked with her on several matters over the years, I cannot say enough about the invaluable expertise and support that Jan Spaeth has brought to our cases. She and her magnificent staff are incredibly insightful, meticulous and cooperative, always radiating a sense of calm efficiency. She is nothing less than a joy to work with, and has been a major factor in the great results obtained for our clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to any law firm at any time."
Bill Hadden, Esquire - Silver, Hadden & Silver, Santa Monica, CA

“Another monumental contributor to our cause was Jan Spaeth of Advanced Jury Research, Inc., who helped us in pre-trial research as well as guiding us though jury selection. Jan and her company could not have been more responsive to our needs or helpful to our outcome, and we would recommend her services to any panel attorney on any case. The ability to identify potential problem jurors is a prerequisite to success, and one will not find anyone more accomplished at that than Jan Spaeth.”
PORAC Law Enforcement News - Feature Article, Published on 8/31/2006 William Hadden, Esq., Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine, Santa Monica, CA

"Our experience with AJR was outstanding on each of the matters we retained them on, not only for the efficiency and insight provided by the focus group process, but also for the help with our jury questionnaires and jury selection profile and process. We would not hesitate to recommend AJR for these functions, and would also note that AJR's basic insights into the case, itself, and how to best present it, have proven invaluable and quite helpful in presenting the case. Thanks!"
Dennis Wilenchik, Esq., Wilenchik and Bartness, Phoenix, AZ

"I have worked with Jan and her company on several occasions and whole heartedly endorse her… as have the acquittals by the jurors on the cases she has worked with me on have indirectly endorsed her."
Michael L. Minns, Esq., Minns Law Firm, Houston, Texas

"Jan, I am more than happy to give you a recommendation due to the fact that we have worked together for many years, and your work has been exemplary. Your assistance in jury selection has been invaluable and some of the very favorable results we have received in numerous first degree murder cases, have been as a result of your efforts."
Brick Storts, Barton & Storts, P.C., Tucson, AZ

"My client was wrongly accused of molesting the ten year old granddaughter of his first cousin... My client was 60 years old then, and was facing up to ten years in prison with 85% to be served before parole, parole for life, and community registration for life. There was a hung jury at this 1st trial in February 2011. With your help I was able to pick a much better jury, which unanimously acquitted my client... Thanks, Jan, for your valuable help in
jury selection."
Jack Venturi, Esq., New Brunswick, New Jersey

"I have worked with Jan Spaeth in several high profile and other no-profile homicide cases. She is prepared, enthusiastic, and organized about jury selection. However, what I really like about Jan is her ability to be there with ideas and suggestions, but to back off when you need a few minutes to make the final decision as trial counsel. Jan is a great asset, and you only realize her value after she has helped you in jury selection."
Thomas G. Hippert, Esq., Tucson, Arizona

“If your case is important enough to take to a jury, it is important enough to have Jan assist you. She has assisted in the choosing of hundreds of juries. The extra set of eyes coupled with her perspective into your case and the jury is invaluable.”
Michael L. Piccarreta, Esq., Piccarreta Davis P.C., Tucson, AZ


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