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AJR's 30 years of trial experience and extensive research result in astute perceptions and wise recommendations for our clients.

Case strategy is an area where AJR can be of tremendous help, even if this consists of only a few hours of consultation. AJR has had extensive experience over the past 30 years, working with over 1,500 cases covering a wide range of issues. Our in-depth analysis of these cases, our thorough investigations into research, and our interaction with hundreds of actual and mock juries gives us a distinct advantage in assessing what a jury will do with your case. Remember, no one knows juries better than AJR!

Our goal is to help you develop an effective, persuasive strategy that will have the greatest latitude of acceptance with jurors. Our emphasis is on theme development, resolving or redefining case obstacles, and expanding on case strengths. The earlier we are involved in cases, the more assistance we can provide. AJR prefers to meet with counsel prior to the taking of depositions and the closing of discovery, as strategy has the most impact when carried throughout deposition testimony and the disclosure process.

In order to develop the most effective strategy for your case, in addition to meeting with counsel AJR prefers to review pertinent case documents to determine the case strengths and drawbacks from a jury standpoint. Because our focus is largely on human behavior and attitudes, in addition to law, we will often identify issues that will be of concern to jurors that those in the legal field might overlook. This is our job. When budgets and time allow for this, we incorporate trial simulations (focus groups and mock trials) into our strategy development.   Thus, case strategy development can range from a few hours of consultation to a very comprehensive plan for you, depending upon your needs and wishes. 

The following are among the issues AJR addresses in case strategy sessions:


Which theories will jurors most likely accept? Reject?

  What are your main case strengths? Drawbacks?
  What is the best theme for your case?
  How do you implement this theme in the discovery process?
  What is the best way to handle damaging evidence?
  What is the best way to bolster favorable evidence?
  What questions need to be addressed in depositions?
  What psychological anchors will the panel need?
  Which witnesses are the best suited for presenting case information?
  Which expert witnesses will be critical to your case?
  In what order should your witnesses testify?
  Do you want a change of venue?
  Do you wany your client to testify?
  What should you accept as a settlement offer?
  Do you want to take this case to court?
  What exhibits are most necessary?
  What should be covered in your opening statement? Closing argument?

Strategy sessions can vary from one session to help with certain specific issues, to continuing sessions throughout the pre-trial process, depending upon case complexity, the involvement of the AJR consultant, and counsel's preferences.


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